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The Meaning of Feathers
written by Trudie Ann Moore.
In my healing work I touch two realms – the earth, with my shamanic Soul Surgery healing, and the sky with  angelic toning. Feathers bridge both these worlds.
I don’t know of anyone who is not delighted when they either find, or are given a feather.
Over many generations, sayings connected to feathers have developed like: “Birds of a feather flock together”, “To feather your nest”, “You could have knocked me over with a feather”, “Fine feathered friends”, “To ruffle someone’s feathers”, “To be tarred and feathered”, “To smooth someone’s feathers”, “To shake a tail feather”, “It’s as light as a feather”, “A feather in your cap”.
The colours of feathers  have a meaning, white feathers for peace and calling a truce, peacock feathers for pride, red feathers for war and strength.
On the direction of the angels I began to collect feathers and also to buy some dyed feathers. My partner was rather puzzled by this, and asked  “why are we hunting feathers?” I  said that one particular angel was most insistent that this be done. Because of this  I find feathers in front of my feet, or people are giving them to me. It is a joyous, magical mystery tour and I am having fun.
Out of all the traces of the animals, feathers are the easiest to find. It takes a special moment, a sacred space, to see the beauty of a feather.
Birds leave their feathers as messages to us, on the grass when we are walking the dog, next to our car, on the front door mat, and usually we can’t miss seeing them.  Feathers give you gifts to tell you who you are and what you are to do. Each time you pick up a feather it is a reminder that you are on the right path and that your life is sacred again.
The phrase “A little bird told me” came from a time when birds were watched to divine the future. Birds in the home are believed to increase the memory and mental powers of those residing there.  A grey feather attached to a package sends good fortune to your friend, while a blue one ensures health, and green increases money.
Some cultures believe if you make a little wreath of feathers and place it beneath a sick person’s pillow, it will speed their recovery.
In olden times, feathers were placed in doorways with the intent of halting wandering children from passing through, and were also burned beneath the bed during a difficult childbirth to ease the process.
Feathers symbolise peace, upliftment, joy and lightness. Use them as a portal to the higher realm of light.
They are a passport to the angelic realms where your spirit can take flight. 


Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near. 

Angels leave feathers as signs of their love. 
'When you find a feather in your path, 
know that your Angels are with you. 


  • RED:       Physical vitality, courage, good fortune and life force.
  • BLUE: Enhance our mental abilities, peace, and protection and psychic awareness
  • YELLOW:  cheerfulness, mental alertness, prosperity, and blessings from the sun.
  • GREEN:    Symbolize money, prosperity, growth health and fertility.
  • ORANGE:  Bring attraction, energy and success
  • PINK:       Unconditional love and inspiration
  • GRAY:      peace and neutrality
  • BROWN:   feathers give stability and respect. They  represent the home and grounding.
  • BROWN Striped with black (like the tail feathers of a pheasant): gives balance between the physical & spiritual life.
  • BROWN with white:  brings happiness and give a kind of protection that enables you to go un-noticed amidst those who would harm you.
  • BLACK: Give the mystical wisdom that comes with true  spiritual initiation
  • BLACK with a shine or irradescence: gives mystical insight
  • BLACK & white mixed feathers:  give union and protection
  • BLACK or grey feathers banded or mixed with white: give home, balance, and harmony
  • BLACK mixed with purple: means deep spirituality
  • BLACK white & blue mixed feathers: bring change. 
Feathers speak to us of flight, of freedom, of going beyond boundaries, of getting “above it all,” or of the need to let go and travel light. In many cultures, they carried prayers to heavenly gods and bestowed extraordinary powers in battle.
Above all, feathers come to us as gifts. They come from the sky, from the sea, from trees and deep grasses, even appearing within enclosed spaces never inhabited by winged creatures. They come to us unexpectedly, but not without purpose. Their messages may be startling, soothing or sudden, but they are always an opportunity for seeing – for finding answers to questions we may not even have known we were asking.
What, then, is a feather? It is a part of a bird’s body, and it is a part of us. It exists for itself, to serve its primary purpose in the cosmos, and it exists in alliance with every other aspect of the cosmos. Just as we bring life-inspiring messages for others while simply fulfilling our own lives, so do feathers bring their messages to us. They remind us that we walk in a world overflowing with meaning.
I asked the angels about feathers in their sky realm, and they explained to me that  their wings take on the appearance of bird-like feathers, yet are composed of filaments of light which have the ability to change frequency density as they move through the various dimensions and are utilised for many tasks. They hold, direct, and deflect a multitude of emanations and are also used to create portals or doorways into other dimensions.
They can expand their feathered wings  into whole grid-works of light which are the foundation of inter-galactic energy platforms which are used by the Elohim to hold new sub-atomic life forms pulsed into being by the Creator. Their wings can be more subtle and lighter than air and stronger than steel. They are a living, breathing, intelligent organism that are wondrous to behold in God’s creation.
We might not have feathers from angel wings falling out of the sky, but next time you are out and about, and you are seeking a message, confirmation you are on the right path, or direction, as the birds to send you a feather, and I am sure one will cross your path.
In shamanic healing work, feathers are used to meditate with, journey with, and to comb the aura.
We will begin by aligning our energies with our feather.
  • Rest the feather on your lap
  • Begin slow rhythmic breathing. Keep your breath slow inhaling for a count of four and exhaling for a count of four. Feel yourself relaxing more deeply with each breath.
  • Bring to your mind the image of the bird. Mentally review all of its qualities and characteristics.
  • Now visualise the bird in flight, free and strong within your mind. As you observe its flight see it radiating the qualities you have come to associate with it.
  • Now pick up your feather and hold it by its stem in both hands several inches in front of your mouth. Keep your eyes closed and imagine its wing movement while in flight. As you focus on this, allow your breathing to follow that same rhythm. As the wings move down you inhale, as they move up you exhale. This may seem strange but birds breathe the opposite of humans.
  • With each breath out, exhale on the feather. Envision this as a means of both honouring the power of flight and also of uniting your life breath with their life breath of your bird totem. Continue this breathing for a minute of two. Visualise this as a breathing of new life into the feather and the archetype forces behind it.
  • As you do this you should begin to feel a slight vibration in the stem of the feather. It may be a tingling, a sense of increased pressure, a warmth or some such feeling. This feeling will encompass both hands, as the energy of the feather comes to life and affects the air around it..
  • As you hold the feather, try to imagine the energy surrounding the feather moving up your arms and into your body. You may feel it, see it, sense it, or simply imagine it. Remember all energy follows thought, and birds rule the realm of thought. Take a few moments and visualize the energy of the bird awakening in you.
I hope your meditations take flight with the wonderful world of feathers.


Birds & Feathers

Feathers from any bird are important. Birds are from The Upper World and any part of them does not belong to the person who holds it.  Feathers are very important to our people and are used in ceremonies, dancing, and medicine. If you happen to find a feather or a dead bird or any part of one, you must decide if you are going to walk on by or collect it. Before collecting it, you should leave a gift of tobacco thanking Grandfather, as well as the bird, assuring Grandfather that the item will be honored while in your possession. Once the item is collected then the care of it becomes important.
The feathers we have may be with a person for their entire life or they can be passed on when the time is right. While any part of a bird is in our possession we must be careful to act honorably. (Which each person should do anyway) It is said if you act in a way which is not honorable, the bird takes this information to Grandfather and there could be negative consequences.  With gifts, to give something away which was given to you by someone is an act which is not honorable. The exception to this would be that with feathers there may come a time that you "feel the need to pass it on." When this occurs and the feather is 'passed on' the action is not one of dishonor. This is because the feather never really was ours to begin with but, belongs to the bird and Grandfather.
NOTE: The three worlds are 1-The Lower World- where animals live underground or in the water. 2- This World- Where the four footed animals, insects and man lives. 3- The Upper World- Where the birds live.

There are special ways that a person stores a feather, gives a feather, or disposes of worn out feathers. It is said that a warrior will die when a feather of a war bird drops on the ground (dirt). Remember, a war bird is a bird of prey, i.e. falcon, hawk, eagle, etc., so special care is taken that this does not happen while it is in your care. The storing of feathers is as diverse as there are birds. The way we were taught was that each one is placed in red cloth with some sage, cedar and tobacco. The bundles of red cloth are then placed in a cedar box, if you have one. You can store them in a shoe box and place then in a closet. We add moth balls to the container that the feathers go into. This kills the mites that would destroy them.
Owl feathers should not be stored in the house you live in unless you have no other option.  They should be in another building such as a shed or 'outhouse'. If you must store them in a house put them in a shoe box in a closet, away from the day birds' feathers. An owl is a 'night bird' ie., a warrior bird that hunts and flies primarily at night. There is nothing negative about the bird or its feathers. There are many Native Americans who believe that an owl is a 'ghost' but this could not be more untrue. This belief came from the Priest who arrived here with the Europeans and were witch hunters. They believed that anything that moved at night was either a ghost or had something to do with the practice of witchcraft. This is why our people were referred to as 'heathens' for we sang and danced at night around a fire. It made it look even worse for we did this at every full moon. This idea has permeated our culture to the point that one could never convince someone of the opposite.
In today's world birds of prey are given to either female or males and are worn on their dance regalia. In the old days only a male was allowed to wear one of these feathers. There were no big pow-wows for the purpose of entertainment of people. The dances were done as 'praise to Grandfather. I am not going to say that a female cannot wear an eagle feather on her dance regalia. This is up to each individual to decide, with Grandfather, if they feel they are honoring the bird with this type of action. We do not feel that women sould wear the birds of prey feathers, this is our personal belief. The decision is left up to each nation one belongs to. If you need any further information about feathers as gifts to women look at the gifts lesson.
Dosposing of feathers was done by someone in the tribe appointed to do this. One should never burry feathers. This mixes The Lower World and The Upper World and is never done.
Another aspect of feathers is their meaning. Some birds were primarily used by warriors and the meaning was for them. Each war bird represents a warrior's level he has obtained through deeds, age, and medicine. There are a few women warriors and women medicine people who can wear the feathers from the birds of prey. Usually though, women do not wear feathers in their hair, as this denotes some level of warrior which most women have not attained. When given a bird of prey feather she can use it for saging. This is done now-a-days, but it was not done by our ancestors. If the woman is instructed as to how to wear the feather on the ear then that would be an honorable way she could use it.
The following explains some of the meanings of feathers from different birds:
CARDINAL (red) - Stands for the East and is referred to as "The Daughter of the Sun."
MACAW (blue/yellow) - Stands for the North and is called "The Sun Bird." It was traded from far to the south where the Sun shines most of the time.
MACAW (blue/red) - This was also considered to be one of the "birds of the sun."  It is  referred to as the " bird of fire" because of the red on the feather. It is considered a very sacred bird and only a high medicine or warrior person would use it.
RAVEN (black) - Stands for the West and stands for the second level warrior. Just because it is the 'bird of the west' and is black does not mean it represents death. The west is black "for it is where Grandmother Sun goes down." The feathers are only used by the raven warriors or to be placed under a new fire by the medicine person.  The Tlingit/Hadia (NW Coast of USA and Alaska) say this bird created man so it is always put at the top of a 'totem pole.'
SNOW EGRET (white) - Stands for the South and Peace. The mating plumes are worn by the Great Sun. They stand up in the front of the turban wrapped around his head. Its wing and tail feathers are used by the men at Green Corn for the Pole Dance. Each women at Green Corn is given egret feathers which are "under plume" for the Feather Dance and for their participation in the Green Corn medicine.
DOVE (grey morning dove) - Stands for Peace and the Dove Clan
SANDHILL CRANE (sand) - A war bird which stands for a warrior of high rank; the feathers are treated the same as a hawks.
BUZZARD (black/grey) - The Medicine Bird of all the birds, for "he can eat dead things and live."
OWL (any type) - This is the messenger/ warrior bird of the night. Its counter part is the Hawk the "day messenger bird." The Horned Owl and Barred Owl are very large owls. The screech owl, with its reddish eyes, is a small owl.
TURKEY (wild/brown) - considered an important and wise bird. The tail feathers are used to make a fan for honor. They are depicted on shell engravings from the Mississippian Mound Period. The body feathers are sewn on a mesh net to make a cape for the high-ranking men of the culture including the Great Sun. The white stripped wing feathers are used on arrows for the fletching.
BLUE JAY - The feathers are not kept from this bird, for it is considered a trickster. The Blue Jay 'calls' a warning when snakes are around, but he does this calling so much you really can't tell if he is just hollering or warning you. So you do not know if his "screams" are  truthfull or not.
BLUE HERON (blue/grey) - A war bird which stands for a warrior of high rank. The feathers are treated the same as a hawk.
CROW- Crow tail feathers are given to boys that have just gone through manhood. The feather indicates the he "wants to be a warrior."
RED SHOULDER HAWK - The wing feathers of the Red Shoulder Hawk are worn by a warrior who has reached level three of being a warrior. The Tail feathers are worn by a warrior who has obtained a position above that of the third level.
PILEATED WOODPECKER (black/white) -This bird was highly respected by our ancestors. It was engraved in shell stone and other mediums. It is considered a warrior bird for "his head is red".
BALD EAGLE -  The feathers from this bird are used by warriors who can no longer fight, are disabled or are elders (over 50).
PEREGRINE FALCON - The tail feathers are worn only by medicine warriors. This bird's design is one of the most used designs of our ancestors and has been drawn on shells, stone,copper and wooden items. If you look closely at the bird's head you will see it is the only bird with a "forked eye". This symbol is used quite often in pre-Columbian art. Some of the warriors paint a forked eye on themselves before dancing. This signifies a very high ranking warrior. The design was also used on the sacred mythical animal "Uktena." What has been mistakenly said to be 'eagle dancers' by archaeologist is now corrected to be 'falcon dancers.' This bird is probably where the "Thunder Bird" got its origin. It is the only bird which dives over 100 miles per hour and kills it prey with such a deadly force it does this in one 'strike.'
GOLDEN EAGLE - The feathers from this bird are used by medicine warriors who have obtained top level of medicine or is a medicine elder (over 50 years).
OSPREY (black/white) -  This is a bird of prey and is considered to be a high ranked warrior.
HUMMINGBIRD - This is a very sacred bird. "She brought the tobacco back to man." The 'hummer' is one of the birds 'drawn out' on the Nazca plain so the complete bird can only be seen in its entirety from up in the air.
HOUSE WREN - This bird is welcomed into any home of the SE Indians. It is supposed to be 'good luck' to have one living in the house.
ANHINGA (Snake bird) - The feathers of this bird are used by medicine people and are very sacred. It is said: "He hunts in the Lower World." -underwater
QUAIL - One of the stomps of the Cherokee is named after this bird.
PRAIRIE CHICKEN - This bird is 'mimic' by the plains Indian dancers with their bussels and their dance movements.
PARROT -  This is the extinct South Carolina Parrot. It was held in high esteem and hunted to extinction by the English for its feathers. There is an effigy pipe make to depict this bird.
KINGFISHER - In an old story it was said he should have been a warrior but was not. He obtained a long bill and gigs for fish.
PARTRIDGE - In an old story this bird stole his 'whistle' from the turtle.
ROBIN - This bird is a good indicator of a change in the climate. It let our ancestors know of the coming of spring and winter. Its migrations are based on very precise measures of the climate. There are many other birds whose migration marked the passing of the seasons for our ancestors.
There are many birds that are not mentioned. If you have any questions about a specific bird, please contact us.



medicine bag
A Medicine Bags usually includes one or more feathers and is also often adorned with feathers
medicine bag

" Magic is the art of bringing about wanted change. "
In natural magic feathers are used in spells and ceremonies to promote change. They are used as catalysts to help focus concentration while carrying out spells and wishes.
The medicine bag, also called power pouch or sachet, often includes special feathers which have meaning to the wearer and help attracting good luck as well as driving away bad things.
Feathers are magically ruled by the element of air. This makes them good communication helpers. But each feather also can hold other special powers; depending on the bird it came from, its color and place of discovery and other factors.
The knowledge what kind of feather is best used for what kind of indent can only be found out for oneself by trial and error. A pigeon feather is not as helpful for creating a defense strategy than a feather taken from a bird of prey.
The general rule for future feather magicians is always to use self found feathers rather than bought ones. A shop cannot substitute a walk in nature, nor the joy when the wanted feather is finally found.
feather magic
Feathers are often used to focus concentration in spells
Image provided by The Sun House
Instructions how to make your own medicine can be found at Bearded Wolf´s great site:
Feathers used for magical undertakings are mainly determined by the energy which is brought into the feather by the magician him/herself through concentration and thought. Beside from the energy the magician brings into the object, feathers hold certain natural abilities.
Peacock Feathers were thought to be very unlucky, because they resemble an eye. The eye shape represented the evil eye which people were afraid of. Today the beauty and natural strength of the peacock feathers are again recognized. They are specially valued for their multicolored eyes.
Blue Jay feathers are valued as bringer of light and joy and are said to have the ability to brighten up even the darkest places.
The Crow is one of the animals humans have always been afraid of. A crow at the window is said to represent the soul of a dead person. Crow feathers are used for mourning and letting go of unwanted feelings or situations.
Robin feathers can help to bring new things into ones life. They can also be used to induce fertility.
The pure white feathers of swans are used to purify and cleanse by attracting new energy. They represent beauty, grace and goodness. Black swan feathers can be used to purify of unwanted energy.
This bird´s feathers are good communication feathers. They help to tap into the deeper consciousness and can teach sacred wisdom.
The feathers of hawks not only hold the active energy of those artful hunters, but can also be used to identify diseases at skilled hands.
Eagle feathers are thought to be great energy bringers and remind us of the basic sacredness of all birds . They represent peace and happiness and can also drive away harmful energy.
Basically all feathers can be used for any spell, they can either attract or repel energy. But their color gives them a specify energy which should be chosen in accordance to the wished outcome of the spell. Naturally colored feathers are more powerful than chemically died ones. Often colored candles are used in conjunction with feathers to give additional strength to the spell.
magic feather RED

Courage, good fortune, life, energy, lust, courage, enjoyment, vitality, overactivity
magic feather ORANGE
Attraction, energy, success, creativity, physical love, new ideas, will power, love, loneliness
feather magic YELLOW
Intelligence, blessings of the Sun, thinking, reasoning, playfulness, pondering, reasoning
magic feather GREEN
Harmony, unity, fertility, growth, finances, nature, nature spirits, animal and plant spirits, forgiveness, selfishness
magic feather BLUE
Psychic awareness, peace, health, connection with spirits, protection, believe, faith, knowledge, communication
feather magic VIOLET
Spiritual awakening, deep spirituality, knowing of ones, faith, devotion, intuition, idealism
magic feather PINK
Love, romance, caring, feelings, empathy, kindness, love, tenderness, loneliness, longing
magic feather WHITE
Purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, blessings of the Moon, balance, finding peace, absorbing energy
magic feather GRAY
Peace, neutrality, being invisible, doubting, neutrality, static
magic feather BLACK
Protection, driving away, slow energy, grief, loss, repelling energy
magic feathers
Feathers are also used by magicians in their conjuring and vanishing tricks. They pop out of sleeves as fake flower bouquets and change into pink rabbits in front of the stunned audience.
magic feathers
For information on the magic of Dreamcatcher please go to the "Dreamcatcher" section.





If you find white feather in an unusual place (perhaps on your clothing,
in your shoe, or it falls out of the sky where there is no bird in sight...)

It is a sign from your Angel  to say "hi, I'm here! You are not alone !"

A white feather represents  the pure angelic beauty  of Angels...,
and it acts as a calling card...
If you are receivin white feathers..., your angel is tryin very hard to connect with you ...
So acknowledge your angel,  thank her for being with you...
Start the conversation,  chat for a few minutes a day...
While at first, you may feel like you are talking to yourself,
gradually you will  begin to feel her presence,
and take huge comfort from it



You may have been asking for guidance...
"Is this the right thing for me to do?"
If you are left a yellow feather by your Angel, then the answer is

Yellow is associated with movement and new beginnings. No matter what age you are,
you are urged to keep trying new things and moving forward...
-that  is how your soul grows and  you vibration continues to rise to the next level.

Yellow is a sign that you have one foot on earth,
and one in Spiritual Realm.
This means you feel the connection of the spirit world around you in your daily life.
( Your Angel confirms you this by sending you  a yellow feather )


Your energy is changing anf you are being prepared
for closer contact with spiritual beings (angels and spirits ).
 During this process you may feel unuasually emotionally  sensitive to criticism ,
loud noises and large groups of  people.
Your crown chakra is openin and you are becoming more sensitive -
this sensitivity  is necessary to pick up  messsages and clear  uidance from the spirit world.
If your Angel leaves you a black feather, she is saying
 " It's OK,  I'll protect you while you go  through this development process. "


This feather is a heads-up from your Angel  to say , " Be prepared, Change is coming! " . The challenge heralded by this feather is always good - even if it is disruptive or confusing. Additionally, a black and white feather can be a message to say it's time to detox  and look after your physical body.


You may receive a gray feather at the time of turmoil in your life. It is a sign from your angel to
reassure you, "This too, shall pass! " .... See it as a reminder that you are not facing your challenges alone, your Angel is by your side protecting you. This feather is also a sign for the writers-in-waiting, put pen to paper, your thoughts are heavenly-inspired..


Your Angel announces the arrival of new love....This may be a romantic partner, a child or grandchild.
Whoever this person is, they are a soulmate . One of the group of souls you are born with time and time again.
Occasionally a pink feather comes to those who are working  on a relationship  difficulties.
It is a confirmation you are doing the right thing , so keep going.


When your Angel leaves you a blue feather, she sats, " Your spiritual gifts are appearing, take note !" .
Usually this gift is psychic or mediumship abilities. Before you say " why me? " , trust the sign ! It means that your connection to the spirit world is growing....You will be able to "hear" and channel their wisdom .. Ultimately, you are supposed to use this knowledge for the  benefit of others.  Even if you are already working  in a spiritual-based career, more is expected of you. . For example , if you are a therapist, you will be able to  ta ke your work to a higher level becaus you will chanel "healing"  from sources more powerful than you.


 Red signifies passion- not the sort of passion associated with lovers,  but a passion of the soul - finding your true voice and gift  ... Pay attention because your Angel says that your gift is unfolding .., don't look for dramatic fireworks . Most gifts appear without fuss  as they unfold. For example, your intuition is improving,  your healing abilities developing.


If you asked for healing for yourself or  or for a loved one,  take the unusual appearance of green feather as a powerful sign that Archangel Raphael  is performing his healing.


Your body and mind is tired  from holding on to the past. Release old wounds , forgive and move forward . In return for forgiveness,  you acquire peace of mind and a  brighter future...


Your ANgel wants you to address your feelings -to speak your mind and aasist others to  listen to you.
This may be in general or it will relate to a specific issue or person  at the time of discovering the purple feather


Your ANgel comes to warn you not to be hasty in making a decision  in your life right now..
 Your judgement is clouded with emotion... Allow a little time to pass , perhaps a few days or weeks before acting.


  • White – purification, spirituality.
  • Green – money, fertility.
  • Brown – health, stability, grounding.
  • Orange - attraction,. success.
  • Yellow – intelligence.
  • Red - courage.
  • Pink – love.
  • Gray – peace.
  • Blue – psychic awareness.
  • Black feathers - not recommended.
  • Red and brown – healing animals.
  • Brown and white – happiness.
  • Gray and white – hope.
  • Black and white – protection.
  • Green and red – finances.
  • Blue, white and black – change.
  • Black and purple – spirituality.



Meaning of Feathers - American Bald Eagle 

Meaning of Feathers

The Meaning of Feathers plays an important role in the belief system of Native American Indians. Their beliefs are based on Animism which embodies the spiritual idea that all natural things within the universe, including birds, have souls or spirits.  Animists believe that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in birds, their feathers and in animals, plants, rocks and natural phenomena. The doctrine of animism is that everything is alive, and possesses an inherent virtue, power and wisdom.
The Meaning of FeathersThe generalised meaning of feathers signified honor & connected the owner with the Creator and the bird the feathers came from. Native Indian warriors were awarded a feather when they took coup or were particularly brave in battle. When a feather falls to earth, the Native Americans believe it carries all of the energy of its former attachment on a bird to a living being. Feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees. Feathers arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose.
Smudge Feather
Meaning of Feathers and BirdsBirds were revered as bringers of messages and symbols of change and often symbolised light-hearted freedom and their feathers have many spiritual, ceremonial & ritual uses. Decorated feathers were sometimes attached to sacred pipes  or prayer sticks. In the ancient culture and traditions of Native Americans the meaning of feathers are inextricably tied to the belief that birds, as spirit guides, walk through different stages of life with a person, teaching and guiding them, and in some instances protecting them.
Native American Meaning of Feathers ChartThe meaning of birds and their feathers are of great significance as they are believed to possess supernatural powers that can embody, attach and influence a person empowering them with the powerful traits, attributes and characteristics of the bird. The following chart describes the meanings of feathers providing information of the significance of each bird together with its meaning, attributes, characteristics and symbolism.
Hawk Symbol
  The turkey - Bird Symbols
The Crow
Meaning of Feathers Chart

Names of Birds

Meaning of Feathers

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a bluebird symbolizes happiness and fulfilment

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a crow symbolizes balance, release from
past beliefs, skill and cunning

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a dove symbolizes love, gentleness and kindness

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from an eagle symbolizes great strength, courage leadership and prestige. The bald eagle and the golden eagle were considered sacred birds

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a falcon symbolizes soul healing, speed and movement

Names of Feathers

Meaning of Feathers
Meaning of Feathers Chart
Native American Meaning of Feathers ChartThe following chart describes the meanings of Feathers providing information of the significance of each of the birds together with its meaning, attributes, characteristics and symbolism.
Hawk Symbol
  The turkey - Bird Symbols
The Crow
Meaning of Feathers Chart

Names of Birds

Meaning of Feathers

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a hawk symbolizes guardianship, strength
and far-sightedness

Meaning of the Feather of the:

A feather from a heron symbolizes patience, grace and confidence

Meaning of the Feather of the:

A feather from the hummingbird symbolizes love, beauty, intelligence - A Spirit Messenger and Stopper of Time

Meaning of the Feather of the:

A feather from a kingfisher symbolizes luck, patience, speed and agility

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a owl symbolizes wisdom, the ability to see things normally, a creature of the night - silent and swift,

Meaning of the Feather of the:

A feather from a raven symbolizes creation & knowledge - the Bringer of the Light

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a Swallow symbolizes peace and love

Meaning of the Feather of the:

A feather from a turkey symbolizes abundance, pride
and fertility

Meaning of the Feather of the:

A feather from a Woodpecker symbolizes self discovery

Meaning of Feathers of the:

A feather from a Wren symbolizes protection

Names of Birds

Meaning of Feathers
Meaning of Feathers Chart 

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A NEW book claims that each sign of the zodiac is paired with a celestial being who can be called upon in times of need

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Doreen Virtue and Yasmin Boland believe that every star sign is connected to an angel[ALAMY]
Many of us read our stars and are familiar with our astrological signs.
However a new book makes the startling claim that each star sign is paired with an archangel – a heavenly being who can be called upon to help if you have difficulties or need guidance.
Angel therapist Doreen Virtue and astrologer Yasmin Boland have teamed up to explain how your star chart interacts with each archangel in a new book.
While your own zodiac angel can give you a deeper understanding of yourself, you can also call upon any of the archangels for help depending on what you need.

Your angel is: Ariel
Aries is associated with spring. Ariel is associated with the outdoors so they make a good pair.
Ariel is the angel who helps people to make things happen in life so you can appeal to Ariel to help achieve your dreams, particularly if you’re looking to improve relationships.
Those born under the sign of Aries tend to rush around and are at times selfish so if you’re aware that you need to slow down or feel your ego is taking over call upon Ariel to remind you to think about how others are feeling.

Your angel is: Zadkiel 
Gemini is the lighthearted flirt of the zodiac and Zadkiel is all about forgiveness.
If you know you’re being too superficial or flighty and don’t have a strong enough connection with the people in your life, he can help.
Similarly if you have had a big argument with someone, ask Zadkiel to assist with forgiveness.
Geminis have a tendency to follow their heads more than their hearts. Connecting with Zadkiel can reconnect you with your emotional centre.

Your angel is: Gabriel
This star sign and the angel are both associated with parenting. If you are trying to get pregnant ask Gabriel for help with conception.
While Cancerians are very good at managing money, Gabriel will also help you to seek your fortune, particularly if you’re an artist or writer.
Cancerians are naturally nurturing so if you want to have a happier home life or need more time to nurture yourself, these are things Gabriel can assist with.
Each star sign is paired with an archangel – a heavenly being who can be called upon to help if you have difficulties or need guidance
Your angel is: Raziel
Leos are associated with drama and showmanship and the angel Raziel is equally flamboyant.
Leos are fun to be around and can be magnanimous and generous but also have a tendency to hog the limelight.
If this is true of you then ask Raziel for help. In fact anyone can appeal to Raziel if their confidence or ego is spiralling out of control.
If you have a relationship that needs healing or a phobia you want to overcome then talk to Raziel.

Your angel is: Metatron
Archangel Metatron is associated with healing and clearing away bad energy.
Virgos are good at confronting problems and issues and Metatron takes this confrontational energy and turns it into something positive.
If you want to analyse a difficult situation and come to the right conclusion, Metatron will point you in the best direction. Metatron is also useful if you are feeling self-critical.
Virgos are natural worriers and Metatron’s healing energy can clear away bad feeling.

Your angel is: Jophiel
Librans are often trying to strike a balance in life and Jophiel can help if you feel out of kilter.
He is often called the feng shui angel because he helps to clear out clutter, both in your house and mental clutter that stops you achieving your dreams.
Librans can have low self-esteem and Jophiel can help them see the beauty in life and themselves. For matters of the heart or if you have a tumultuous love life, call on Jophiel for assistance.

Your angel is: Jeremiel
The deepest and darkest of all the signs, Scorpio is associated with death, rebirth and passion.
Similarly archangel Jeremiel reminds us that life has both light and dark sides and the most important thing is to get a clear understanding of how you are doing.
If you’re looking to review your life Jeremiel is the angel for you. Scorpios can be paranoid and hold grudges but appealing to Jeremiel can help you let go.
He’s also a good angel to appeal to if you’re looking to increase you psychic abilities.

Your angel is: Raguel
Raguel is a sociable archangel with good, friendly energy great at helping solve disputes. Sagittarians are happy go lucky people but can sometimes be accused of talking too much and not having enough substance so Raguel can help tone down over-enthusiasm.
Invoke Raguel if you are looking to reignite some old friendships or forget new ones. He’s also great to ask for assistance in the heat of an argument.

Your angel is: Azrael
Azrael is an angel who helps people cross over from life to death. He’s a great angel for helping people come to terms with fear or for those who need to let go of grief.
Capricorns are ambitious, hardworking and practical, often to such an extent that they forget about their emotions. If this is the case and you know you’re being too intellectual then ask Azrael for some grounding energy.

Your angel is: Uriel
The most cerebral of the archangels, Uriel is like a wise old uncle. He is paired with Aquarians, who often live in their heads rather than their hearts.
If you feel uncomfortable with emotions ask Uriel to help you open up. Many Aquarians are obsessed with finding their soulmate.
If this sounds like you, appeal to Uriel. He will offer wisdom and insight and can guide you to select the right partner.

Your angel is: Chamuel
Chamuel is the angel who helps people find things, whether you’ve lost your mobile phone, your way on a journey or your path in life.
If you seek a new source of income, true love or simply want to reconnect with an old friend, Chamuel will help.
If you’re a Taurus, Chamuel can guide you on to the right path and work out what matters. Taureans have expensive tastes so if you’re overly materialistic, Chamuel can help you to get your feet back on the ground.

Your angel is: Sandalphon
Pisces is a dreamy, romantic and mysterious sign. People born under it are associated with music and Sandalphon is the angel of music.
Call upon Sandalphon forhelp to give your creative side a boost or to help you find inner peace when you’re feeling frazzled.
Once you’ve asked for help, listen out for songs as the lyrics could contain the message Sandalphon wants you to hear.

According to Yasmin Boland, communicating with your zodiac angel is simple.
Light a candle and for 10 minutes think about whatever you are seeking. You can also connect with the angel just by asking for help, even if you’re on the go.
Don’t expect a divine voice to reply, instead look for pointers in your everyday life such as coincidences or positive situations that arise. These can be signs that the angels are responding.