I really thought that I was born 
on Wednesday....
but then i saw this on the net

April - 1974
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Archangel Chamuel

You were born on a Tuesday.
Your special Archangel is Chamuel, whose name means "he who sees God."
Title: Archangel of Love
Duty: Love, compassion, creativity, forgiveness
Associated Color: Pink 

Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you to heal yourself by erasing feelings of low self-esteem, self-hatred and selfishness. 
Archangel Chamuel is good at helping you find lost items, 
such as your keys or where you car is parked. 
He will help you in all aspects of your relationships with others. 
He will fight off negative forces within your midst - cruelty, hatred, addiction and depression. 

Call on Archangel Chamuel if you ever have sinking spirits about something. 
His pure love conquers all.
"I am divine. I am love." 

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Khamael The Archangel who presides over the Sephira Geburah. The day of the week for this Archangel is Tuesday. Khamael belongs to the angelic order of the Serapheem. He appears as a Knight in shinning armor. He embodies protection in the form of skill, prowess, and the utilization of tools and resources. Seeing this Archangel is often a sign that you possess the necessary skill to carry out your task. However, seeing Khamael can also be viewed as the Archangel come to the rescue to do battle with or against forces that you yourself do not possess the ability to conquer. In either case, Khamael represents the acquiring of skills and resources to get through some physical challenge.


Archangel Chamuel – Third Ray is the Pink Ray
This is the ray of love. Chamuel’s name means “He Who Seeks God.” Chamuel is the winged emissary of the expressions of love. He represents compassion, communication, and love in all of its expression. Call on Chamuel to help you with your divine mission and to guide you towards your soulmate. Also ask him to facilitate personal relationships so that you enjoy peace and harmony in every area of your life.
 His day of the week is Monday (?)
 We recommend using pink candles to invoke his presence 

Archangel Michael – First ray is the Blue Ray
Archangel Michael serves on the blue ray of spiritual light. This is the ray of Faith, Protection and God’s Will. Call upon him if you are ever in need of personal assistance or distress. A call of help to Archangel Michael from the bottom of your heart will bring him immediately to your assistance. 

His day of the week is Tuesday (?) and this is considered the best time to start any spiritual work for Michael. We recommend using red and blue candles to invoke his presence.


.....Now this confuses me a bit, regarding WHO'S WHO ?
But before knowing that I am  affiliated to Archangel Chamuel, 
the one that I first knew was the Archangel MICHAEL...., for being the one who's  governing the SOUTH direction.., which is obviously for the Element FIRE...., my Birth Element.....

But in a way, as described above the he's the one to call when experiencing LOW ESTEEM..., which I have tons...., it feels really great that  I have two Archangels in mind to ask for when I need help....


Archangel Samael - Angelic & Planetary Correspondences

Name of Planet under rulership: Mars.
Planet Name in Hebrew: Ma'adim
Hebrew Meaning: Red and Mankind.
Teaching Angel: Samael.
Also Known As: Azazel, Sammael and Samil.
Correct Pronunciation: sam-A-El.
Celestial Title:: Warrior of God.
Tradition - Angel identified in: Judaism and Christian.
Hebrew Letter: Peh.
Egyptian Angel Set and Horus.
Station: Archangel and Teaching Angel
Ruler of: The Fifth Heaven - Machon.
Guardian Angel of Planet: Seraphim.
Greek/Roman God of Planet: Aries, Mars.
Metal: Bronze, Iron, Brass.
Day: Tuesday.
Hours of Day (Tuesday) Ruled: 1st and 8th hours of the day. 3rd and 10th hours of the night.
Month Ruled: Not identified.
Cycle of Results: 7 Days.
Orbit: Fast.
Fixed Stars (Scorpio): Alphecca.
Fixed Stars (Aires) Caput Andromedea, Baten Kaitos and Mirach.
Days to Aviod working with Archangel Samael: None.
Gems: Bloodstone, Diamond, Garnet, Jasper, Ruby or Topaz.
Ritual Candle Colour: Red.
Planetary Colour: Scarlet or Bright Red.
Harran / Hermetics Colour Orange-Red.
Complimentary Colour: Green.
Colour of the Pentacles of Mars: Red.
Astral Colour - Aries: White and Pink.  
Astral Colour - Scorpio: Brown and Black.  
Symbol: Five Pointed Star
Colour:  Red.
Tarot Card: The Tower Struck by Lightening XVI.
Planetary Numbers: 4, 16.
Talisman Size/Sides: 5.
Numbers of Mars 5, 25, 65, 325.
Magical Note: G.
Direction Ruled: Not identified.
Degree: Not identified.
Angelic Thoughtform: Red Radish.
Fruit: Not identified.
Tree: Acacia, Horse Chestnut, Hawthorn, Holly, Mistletoe, Monkey Puzzle Rowan, Tree and Thorn.
Flowers/Herbs: Belladonna, Cardamom, Daisy, Devil's Claw Root, Nettle, Poppy, Plantain, Red Rose, Rue, Thistle, Thyme, Wormwood, Wild Rose and Woodbine. order flowers
Insect: Scorpion, All stinging insects except Bees.
Animals: Rams, Sheep, Horse, Bear, Wolf.
Anatomy Governed: Right Arm and Hand, and Muscular System.
River Ruled: Western and Southern.
Letter Composition Aries: White Paper, Red Ink.
Letter Composition Scorpio:  White Paper, Red Ink.
Magical Script: None in particular.
Planetary Spirit: Graphiel .
Planetary Demon: Bartzabel .
Olympic Spirit: Phaleg.
Demon of the Day: Fristmost alias Nambroth.

Archangel Samael - Angelic & Planetary Correspondences

Incense, Oils, Perfumes and Inks:

Incense 1: Dragon's Blood, Black Peppercorns, Wormwood, Rue, Siamese Benzoin, Geranium, Euphorbia, Lodestone, Sulphur, Hellebore, Pepper, and Tobacco.
Incense 2: Dragon's Blood, Patchouli, Lignum, Plantain and Pepper.
Incense 3: Tobacco, Pepper and Dragon's Blood

Talismanic Incense: Wormwood, Black Peppercorns, Dragon's Blood and Rue.

Magical Oil:
Anointing Oil: Base Oil: Mineral Oil - Dragons Blood, Rue, Peppercorns, Basil, Corianderand Ginger.
Essential Oil: Citronella.

Ingredients:  Hellebore, Patchouli, Carnation, Asafetida, Basil, Calamus, Caper, Cardamom, Catmint, Coriander, Dragon's Blood, Garlic, Ginger, Hyacinth, Myrrh, Opoponax, Onion, Pepper, Turmeric, Wormwood, Sulphur and Lodestone.

Magical Ink: Lampblack (soot), Waters (Spring), Dragon's Blood, and Gum Arabic.

The Astrological Correspondences for Aries
Astrological Correspondences:

Astrological Table Aries.
Astrological Dates (Aries): March 21st - April 19th.
Astrological Symbol: See above.
Element: Fire.
Mode: Cardinal.
Astrological Plants/Herbs: Geranium, Gorse, Sage, Tiger Lily, Thistle and Wild Rose.
Tree: Holly and Chestnut.
Metal: Iron.
Power Gems: Bloodstone or Diamond.
Gems: Ruby, Red Jasper or Garnet,
Colour: Scarlet, White or Pink.
Number: 7 and 9.
Day: Tuesday.
Season: Spring
Tarot Card: The Emperor (IV).
Animal: Ram.
Bird: Magpie, Owl and Robin.
Symbolic Creature: Ram, Owl, Bull.
Anatomy Governed: Head, Brain, Neck and Face.
Body System: Cerebral, Head.
Scents/Oils: Pine, Cowslip, Wormwood and Geranium.
Incense: Dragons Blood.
Harmonious Signs: Sagittarius and Leo.
Geomantic Number: 5.
Geomantic Ruler: Bartzabel.
Gods/Godesses: Isis, Athena, Shiva, Mars, Minerva
Age Governed: 28 to 35 years of age.
Aries the Ram
When to Moon is in Aries the rituals which will have added power involve those that address leadership issues, authority, spiritual matters and willpower.
Healing rituals will include those that involve the head and brain.
The Emprorer
As Aries, the Ram, the Emperor naturally follows the pregnant Empress. Aries is the infant, the first sign of the Zodiac. Like an infant, he is filled with enthuiasm, energy, aggression. He is direct, guileless and all too often irresistible. Unfortunately, like a baby he can also be a tyrant. Impatient, demanding, controlling. In the best of circumstances, he signifies the leader that everyone wants to follow, sitting on a throne that indicates the solid foundation of an Empire he created, loves and rules with intelligence and enthusiasm. But that throne can also be a trap, a responsibility that has the Emperor feeling restless, bored and discontent.

The Archangel Samael - The Planet Mars - Kabbalistic Correspondances
Kabbalistic Correspondences:
Angelic Order: Seraphim.
Order of Angels: Seraphim
Chief of Angels: Not identified.
Archangel: Samael. - Khamael. The Angel of Strength and Courage, Chamael. Burner of God
Biblical Name of God: Elohim Gevor.
Personal Dedication: Not identified.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of Power.
Sefirothic Form: Warrior driving chariot.
Sefira/Sephira: Sephirah 5 Geburah
Sefira Meaning: Strength
Pronunciation: Gevura.
Sub Creature Basilisk.
Element: Fire.
Planet: Madim (Mars.)
Colour: Red.
Number: 5.
Symbol: Pentagon.
Illusion: Invincibility.
Obligation: Courage and Loyalty.
Virtue: Courage.
Vice: Cruelty.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of Power.
Tarot: The four fives.
Animals: Basalik, Wolverine, Badger, Bear and Boar.
Gems: Ruby and Bloodstone.
Perfumes: Tobacco, Dragons Blood and Pepper.
Weapons: Sword, Spear and Scourge.

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elated Deities: Freya, Gwydion, Kali, Odin, Vulcan, Woden.

Miscellaneous Information:
Archangel Samael: Appears as a strong muscular young man wearing a tunic on the style of the Romans with a flowing cloak. He has long red hair tied into a pony-tail. In his right hand he hold a short sword, again in the Roman style. Some say on his breast is a bronze plate engraved with a pentagram.

Reputed to be the Angel of death & destruction who is often equated with Samael incorrectly, in the Book of Revelation this Angel is as Apollyon.

One of the Angels of the Apocalypse together with; Orifel, Anel, Zachariel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel.

Ruler of the Fifth Heaven.

One of the Angels of Creation together with; Orifel, Anael, Zachariel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.

Angelic Signature:
Samael Angeic Signature

Signs & Symbols Related - Archangel Samael and Mars: Click here

The Archangel Governs:
Magical Intentions: Physical courage and overcoming enemies. Projects related to war - success, prevention and cause. Disrupts friendships and causes discord. The energies of this day best harmonize with efforts of masculine vibration, such as conflict, physical endurance and strength, lust, hunting, sports, and all types of competition. Use them, too, for rituals involving surgical procedures or political ventures. Courage, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness

Rulerships: Police matters, war, sports, engineering, machinery, male sexuality, surgery, physical strength, courage, protection, help in overthrowing enemies, aggression,ambition, arguments, competition, conflict, destruction, energy, goals, lust, medical issues, sports, strength, strife, struggle, surgery, upheaval, victory.

Negative aspects: Anger, violence.

Note: According to Peter de Abano, “…. that the first hour of the day, of every Country,and in every season whatsoever, is to be assigned to the Sun-rising, when he first appeareth arising in the horizon: and the first hour of the night is to be the thirteenth hour, from the first hour of the day ....” According to occult law a day starts at daybreak, not at midnight.

Finger Correspondence
The thumb represents power and therefore is aligned to Mars.

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The Element of Fire
 Elemental Correspondences: Fire
Element Ruled by::
Fire Guardian Angel: Archangel Michael. (Some traditions shown as: Ariel)

 Michael The Archangel who presides over the Sephira Hod. the day of the week for Michael is Wednesday. Michael belongs to the angelic order of the Beney Eloheem. He is associated with the element of Fire and the planetary energy of the Sun. He usually appears like a broad, muscular man wearing leather or bronze. Michael comes when strength is needed to get you through a difficult challenge. Michael also represents protection, but unlike Khamael’s form of protection, which is more geared toward and approaching or unknown danger, Michael’s protection is for those situations when life demands us to leave our save and secure camp and move into enemy waters. Michael stands as a protector, by your side, when you are engaged in matters requiring a strong presence, to safeguard your journey.
Fire Angel: Aral.
Fire Ruler: Seraph.
Fire King: Dijin.
Direction: South.
Time Ruled: Noon.
Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Wind: Notus.
Qualities: Hot and Dry, Light and Active.
Hours of Day Governed: Noon.
Season Governed: Summer.
Alchemical Symbol: See Above.
Magical Phrase: Velle, to dare.
Magical Tool: Fire, Lamp, Wand.
Tattivic Symbol: Red Triangle. (Tejas)
Tattivic Tide: March 21st to June 21st.
Symbolic Creature: Lion.
Elemental Symbol: Flowering Rod of Aaron.
Elemental Spirit: Salamander.
Element Colour: Orange, Scarlet.
Gem: Fire Opal.
Incense: Olibanum.
Animal: Dragon and Lion.
Tree: Alomd ( especially when in flower)
Element Plant: Nettle.
Elemental Tarot - Major Arcana: Judgement (XX).
Elemental Tarot - Minor Arcana: Wands.
Talismanic Elemental Angels: Hitsael.
Geomantic Number: 5.
Sefira Number: 6.
Body System Ruled: Head.
Positive Aspects: Enegetic, Faithful, Daring and Enthusiastic.
Negative Aspects: Angry, Violent, Stibborn, Greedy, Jealous and Aggressive.
Astrological Personalities: People born under the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are thought to have dominant fire personalities. Fire personalities are believed to have good leading qualities, and also tend to be extroverted, rebellious, passionate and enthusiastic; however, they can also be moody, hot-tempered, snappy, uncontrollable and angry.

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