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When a Feather Falls on Your Path...
Have you wondered about what it might mean when you find a feather? Feathers are ways that Spirit (of different forms) sends us signs.
For a start, feathers (and other items such as coins, and creatures such as birds, butterflies) and dragonflies), can be signs from the angels, guides, or loved ones in that they are near - that they hear you, guide you and are supporting you. It can be an acknowledgement of you or your thoughts or it is their way of saying hello.
Finding a feather is often a magical moment. I have had many beautiful feather experiences and have watched one fall down from the sky onto my daughter's lap while we had a picnic in our backyard! In my children are often sign-bearers, delivering me feathers from their playtime travels.
Feathers represent flight and freedom, soaring above, looking from a higher perspective, and moving beyond boundaries and limitations. Different colours and colour combinations can also add extra meaning. (see further below about various colour meanings).

Interpreting the Meaning of the Feather Sign
Whenever you observe a sign, take note of what you were thinking just before it happened, or what is going on in your life at that moment. What could the sign be telling you? Don't stress yourself about finding a meaning. Even if you do not understand the meaning of the sign at the time, it could become clearer later, or you may be absorbing it in at a sub-conscious level. Just trust that it is a sign and let go of any doubts. Enjoy the way that Spirit works, and embrace the fact you are intermingling with it and paying attention.

Asking for Feather (& other) Signs
You can ask for feather (or other) signs to come to you. And you can be specific. I once asked for confirmation that I had a male guide watching over me (which is what I was feeling and just wanted the magical validation). I asked that if it were true I be shown in the form of a blue feather. I picked blue because it was more rare and unusual, and I saw it as an obviously male colour. Exactly one week later I went to work and as I approached some steps outside there were bright blue feathers everywhere! They were fake ones but it didn't matter. It was another of those magical moments.
It is just a matter of believing, letting go, and staying aware. Signs often remind us to be at peace and relax into the nature and flow of life. The meanings can at times be profound, and at other times quite simple. The best advice when signs happen is to not put any pressure on yourself to understand it. Take it as an opportunity to connect, take notice of and thank the ever-present Spirit. If your sign is an item such as a feather, you can keep it in a special place whether that be by your bedside, on your dresser, or added to your sacred space / spiritual altar. Or you can gently release it back to nature or where you found it.

How do you know for sure your feather
 is a sign?
It is especially a sign if it comes in a magical way or you find it in an odd place. Feather signs often appear on your path in front of you, or at your doorstep. Once a feather appeared in my bag, and on my bedroom floor.

This article by Natalia Kuna was published in the magazine "Alive, So Make it Count!"
What Different Feather Colours Mean
The Native American people had a great spiritual understanding about feathers, their colours and their meaning. They would take the utmost care of any feathers that came their way as they saw it as a sacred gift, or a powerful talisman in battle.
When considering feather colours, firstly I always recommend seeking the answer within yourself first. Do you have any particular personal association with the colour? What does the colour make you think of or feel? What are the universal meanings of that colour to your knowledge? Does the feather you found act as an answer to a question or some kind of acknowledgement. Always go with your gut and the first impressions you get, and trust. I recommend noting it down and keeping a journal of signs and synchronicities. You might see more in connection to this sign, so stay alert and enjoy the mystery of the process.

Below is a brief rundown of the possible colour meanings of feathers (though trust your own heart and use this as a general guide - you can experiment with this!):

WHITE - purification, spirituality, hope, trust, faith, protection, peace, Heaven, angels, and also act as blessings and wisdom connected with moon.
RED - the root chakra (money, possessions, security, career), physical vitality/energy/life force/action, good fortune, passion, emotions, courage.
BLUE - throat chakra (communication, acceptance, speaking your truth) peace, inspiration, mental abilities/knowledge, connection with spirits, spiritual protection and psychic awareness.
YELLOW - solar plexus chakra (gut intuition, happiness), blessings and wisdom connected with powerful sun energy, intelligence, playfulness, joy, cheerfulness, mental alertness, vision.
GREEN - (heart chakra - love, emotions, relationships, forgiveness), health, healing, nature, environment, nature spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, growth, fertility, harmony, unity, money, prosperity, success.
ORANGE (sacral chakra - sex/physical relationships, love, appetitite, attraction), energy, change, optimism, and ambition, success, new ideas, will power, creativity, physical love, new ideas, will power, independence.
PINK - unconditional love, romance, feelings, friendship, caring, compassion, harmony, service, empathy, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, honour, inspiration.
GREY - peace and neutrality (as it is in the middle of black and white), authenticness, flexibility.
PURPLE - (crown chakra - universal consiousness, spiritual connection), heightened spiritual growth and experiences, higher thought.
BROWN - earth, stability, grounding, endurance, home, friendship, respect.
BLACK - protection, warning, repelling or warning of negative energy, death (as in a closed chapter), mystical wisdom - a sign that you are undergoing a spiritual initiation, growth or increased wisdom. When the feathers are irridescent, oir represents high mystical insight (especially if there is a shiny irridescence).


Black and white mixed feathers can represent protection, or the sense of union.
Black mixed with purple represents a very deep spirituality. i would take it as a feeply mystical sign.
Black, white, and blue mixed feathers denote change on the horizon.
Brown and black striped pattern (like a pheasant/s feather) - balance between the physical and the spiritual.
Brown and white - happiness, and you will go under the radar from psychic or other harm.
Feathers with red and green in them or together would denote that you are being assisted financially. I would take it as a very lucky sign.
Grey and white symbolise hope.

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Native American Meaning of Feathers Chart
The meaning of birds and their feathers are of great significance as they are believed to possess supernatural powers that can embody, attach and influence a person empowering them with the powerful traits, attributes and characteristics of the bird. The following chart describes the meanings of feathers providing information of the significance of each bird together with its meaning, attributes, characteristics and symbolism.

Meaning of Feathers Chart
Names of Birds
Meaning of Feathers

Meaning of Feathers of the:
A feather from a bluebird symbolizes happiness and fulfilment
Meaning of Feathers of the:
A feather from a crow symbolizes balance, release from
past beliefs, skill and cunning
Meaning of Feathers of the:
A feather from a dove symbolizes love, gentleness and kindness
Meaning of Feathers of the:
A feather from an eagle symbolizes great strength, courage leadership and prestige. The bald eagle and the golden eagle were considered sacred birds
Meaning of Feathers of the:
A feather from a falcon symbolizes soul healing, speed and movement


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The Guardian Angel in a famous and much-loved painting by Lindberg 
The Guardian Angel in a famous and much-loved painting by Lindberg 

In Jewish and Christian belief, a Guardian Angel is commonly thought of as a personal Angel, one assigned by God to watch and protect one's life, to prevent accidents, to steer one towards the good and away from evil. In the Catholic Church, October 2nd is the Feast of the Guardian Angels.
The idea of a Guardian Angel is a very old one, mentioned by the ancient Greeks and according to some, hearkening all the way back to the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. In the Tanakh or Jewish Bible (known to Christians as the Old Testament) the Books of Job and Daniel both present beliefs based on the idea of a personal Guardian Angel. In the Christian New Testament the books of Matthew and Acts also allude to the belief in a Guardian Angel. Throughout the ages stories have been told of individuals who reported interaction with their Guardian Angels. In some cases people believe that their Guardian Angel steers them away from dangerous or life-threatening situations and in others they have perceived to feel comfort, hope, or renewed strength during times of sorrow and trouble. Many people believe that one's Guardian Angel will appear near the time of death; this idea of a messenger who guides one during death is quite ancient.
Although Angels are generally thought of as not having a gender, it is common practice in the Americas and Europe to depict Guardian Angels as women who watch over their charges with the tender care of loving young mothers. Often they will be shown with white feathered wings and in white or glowing robes. Hoodoo root doctors, as well as practitioners working within Spiritualist or New Thought traditions, often keep a statue of the Guardian Angel on any altar where work is being performed for the blessing, cleansing, healing or protection of clients.


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I have been seeing nice pics from the web since I opened my laptop....
those pics led me to the thought
of the Good Angels around me....

here's one with a caption:

"Merry Meet and Good Morning,
Grab yourself a little sunshine today."

 Pangur BánPractitioners of the Craft 


 and then succeeded by this:

I would love to personalize this by adding this last line for myself:

"filled with Money, Luck and Prosperity..." 

 ... And there's somethin else....I have been moved by this pic and story.... 
This lovely post is from 

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Ito yung sa Shakey's Philippines Valenzuela branch near SM Valenzuela.
July 22, 2015 around 7-8 PM
May pumasok na nanay bitbit niya yung baby niya. Nilapitan siya ng isang staff at tinanong kung anong kailangan nila. Sabi ng babae kung pwede daw na makahingi sila ng kanin. Akala ko papalabasin na sila kasi baka nakakaabala pero mabait din ang guard at hinayaan na muna silang nasa loob hanggang sa balikan sila ng staff. After ng ilang minuto lumabas na yung staff ay may dalang plastic na may lamang kanin.
Good job Shakey's Valenzuela saludo kami sa inyo.

At this moment, I am at the lowest point of my life... 
I have asked God to  change the course of my life...
to help me and save me from my woes ....'s been a while since i typed those words....
then i was attracted to the pic from FB.... and then later realized
that this is the Angel's
SUBTLE MESSAGE to me .... 

I saw this from 

There is a little witch in all of us shared by
Chris Jadewitch Cantuccini

I saw another post...,
and this motivated me a lot.....

 "Nobody can go BACK &
Start a new BEGINNING
But anyone can start TODAY
and make a new ENDING..."