Create Your Own Angel Oracle Cards

I often hold lectures for people would like to expand on their connection with the Angles using Angel Oracle Cards.  The angels would like you to know that you do not have to go out and buy a tool; you can create your deck.  When we create our own deck, we are combining our own unique energy into the deck itself.  Tap into your creative nature and create an Angel Oracle that speaks directly to you.  If you are having difficulty creating your own angels by design I have created a list for everyone to share in.
You do not need to go out and spend a lot of money on Angel Cards.  You can create your own.
1.       On little cards or pieces of paper, write the name of each Design Angel.
2.       Decorate your little cards with Angel stamps, Angel pictures or Angel clip art. 
3.       Mix up the pile. 
4.       Ask a Question, and see which Angel gives you your answer or aids you in  that area of life. 
Keep a copy of this list for reference if you like.  These are just a few Design Angels that I have given answers to, you are more then welcome to come up with your own interpretations.  This is a wonderful tool to remind you to always ask for the Angels help. 
You could even pick a card for everyday to see which Angel you are working with for the day.
Angel of Hope – There is Hope that the answer to your question will become reality. Use the power of Hope to make all your dreams come true.
Angel of Strength – You have the Strength to see this project or event through to completion.
Angel of Abundance – Open your arms to receiving the answers to your prayers.  The angels are sending you gifts daily, be open to the Abundance that surrounds you now.
Angel of Peace – To find the Peace that you are looking for, sit in a quite place, even out in Nature and surrender to the quite that is inside of you always.
Angel of Forgiveness – It is not your fault or the fault of others, you are allowed to release any guilt around this situation to the Angels.
Angel of Transformation – There is change afoot.  Let the river flow in the direction of the Divine Servants.
Angel of Understanding – There is more to this situation then meets the eye.  Ask for assistance form the Angels to help you Understand the messages that are not seen at this time.
Angel of Healing – There is work that needs to be done to Heal this situation.  Ask the Angels for Healing around this situation.
Angel of Birth – The time is now to Birth your new project or idea. 
Angel of Communication – Words need to be spoken or written.  Ask the Angels for assistance with the words that need to be Communicated around this situation.
Angel of Creativity – Tap into the wonderful energy of Creativity.  Time to do something using your natural creative abilities; draw, paint, write or do what ever inspires your creative urges now.
Angel of Release – Time to let go.  Release the situations to the Angels and they will aid you along the way.
Angel of Love – The power of Love has just entered into your being.  Express it to everyone you know.
Angel of Power – You have the power to take charge.  Believe and trust in the Power of the Self, for when you are in your Power, you shine.
Angel of Relationship – A new Relationship is around the corner.  Trust in the Divine Angels to guide you to the right place at the right time.
Angel of Trust – Trust that you will be taken care of.  The Angels are working behind the scenes; Trust that all is where it should be.
Angel of Clarity – You are not clear around this situation, adjust your method of thinking and ask the Angels for Clarity.
Angel of Play – The Angels are asking you to have fun.  Go out and Play.  If you don’t know how…just go to the park, swing on the swings, or slide down the slide; allow your inner child to express itself!
Angel of Compassion – Try to see this situation from an alternate point of view.  Soften your expression and integrate compassion, allow the passion within to shine through with love.
Angel of Inspiration – The Angels are sending you new ideas and Inspirations; listen to them.
Angel of Joy – Embrace everything around you with the Joy found at your heart center.
Angel of Light – If you feel like you are in the dark around this situation, ask the Angels to turn on the Lights and you will see clearly.
Angel of Faith – Have faith that you desired outcome will come to fruition.  Do what needs to be done and leave the rest to the Angels.
Angel of Courage – You are currently in a phase of life that requires you to tap into the Courage that resides within you.
Angel of Balance – You need to balance out this situation.  Increase your focus in some areas of life, and decrease it in other areas.
Angel of Truth – Ask your self if you are being honest and true to how you feel around this situation.  The Angel of Truth will show you your answer.
Angel of Patience – Relax, now is not the time to start something new.  Have Patience for the moment will be revealed to you.
See how the Angel’s Design can aid you to finding your answers.


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