Wednesday, April 29, 2015



Do you like speaking with the Angels?
 Did you know that there are certain crystals and gemstones 
that are under the domain of the 15 Archangels and you can use those to communicate with them? 

Simply meditate on this crystal, 
call the name of the Archangel you want to speak with 
and visualize your self speaking him/her!
 (Always seek first the protection of Archangel Michael to avoid encountering spirits
 who pretend to be angels.) 

Below is the list of the Archangels and the gemstones under their domain. 
 You can use this as reference. 
The Archangel's Crystals are available at our website. 
Just click this link to see our Archangel Crystal Collection.

Always wear an Archangel Crystal to always feel their presence and to remind you to call on them!

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