Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I have been seeing nice pics from the web since I opened my laptop....
those pics led me to the thought
of the Good Angels around me....

here's one with a caption:

"Merry Meet and Good Morning,
Grab yourself a little sunshine today."

 Pangur BánPractitioners of the Craft 


 and then succeeded by this:

I would love to personalize this by adding this last line for myself:

"filled with Money, Luck and Prosperity..." 

 ... And there's somethin else....I have been moved by this pic and story.... 
This lovely post is from 

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Ito yung sa Shakey's Philippines Valenzuela branch near SM Valenzuela.
July 22, 2015 around 7-8 PM
May pumasok na nanay bitbit niya yung baby niya. Nilapitan siya ng isang staff at tinanong kung anong kailangan nila. Sabi ng babae kung pwede daw na makahingi sila ng kanin. Akala ko papalabasin na sila kasi baka nakakaabala pero mabait din ang guard at hinayaan na muna silang nasa loob hanggang sa balikan sila ng staff. After ng ilang minuto lumabas na yung staff ay may dalang plastic na may lamang kanin.
Good job Shakey's Valenzuela saludo kami sa inyo.

At this moment, I am at the lowest point of my life... 
I have asked God to  change the course of my life...
to help me and save me from my woes ....

...it's been a while since i typed those words....
then i was attracted to the pic from FB.... and then later realized
that this is the Angel's
SUBTLE MESSAGE to me .... 

I saw this from 

There is a little witch in all of us
...as shared by
Chris Jadewitch Cantuccini

I saw another post...,
and this motivated me a lot.....

 "Nobody can go BACK &
Start a new BEGINNING
But anyone can start TODAY
and make a new ENDING..."

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